the kitchen doused in hot sauce


There’s been a whole lot of roasted corn action in my kitchen lately Floor Stand. As a South African, corn (or “mielies” as we call them) is drilled into my heritage. When you go on holiday, driving past kilometres of corn fields is the norm and seeing vendors selling huge mielies still with their husks attached is completely ordinary. I absolutely love sweet corn boiled then slathered in butter and salt (or Aromat if you’re being naughty) but since I started roasting/grilling them Hong Kong Customs, I can’t seem to eat them any other way. Their sweetness intensifies tenfold and they become rich in flavour (and smoky if you braai/bbq them). I often cut the kernels off the cob to make salads and add flavour to nachos cristal champagne, but this week I decided to use them to make a delectable quiche.

To add even more flavour I decided to pair the roasted corn with salty feta cheese and a very-cheesy crust to hold all the delicious filling in. You could use a classic shortcrust base but I think the cheese adds delicious depth to the quiche. A simple custard filling of eggs, cream and a bit of lemon zest for flavour and you have an utterly delectable quiche. I love serving it at room temperature with a zesty salad for lunch or slicing it into squares for lunch boxes, but my ultimate favourite is eating it sneakily in the kitchen doused in hot sauce solar motor. Yum!


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